Jakarta 32ºC | 2012

An art events held every two years, featuring the best visual works of students in Jakarta. This event has been held since 2004 and is aspired to serve as a medium of interdisciplinary mediation in the realm of contemporary art involving curatorial processes, experimentation of young artists, writing works, and organizing exhibitions conducted by young students and artists in Jakarta.

MR. POSTMAN  |  Interactive Mix Media, 86 x 210 cm

The main idea it’s the figure of postman has been forgotten because of social media penomenon, so people more easily communicate without going through the mail just click and send anything with smartphone or computer.

We bring the figure of postman as a reminder and can be appreciated for his services until now. This is our work (Siam MuhidinArief RachmantoM.Ferdy Pratama)

Hei Twitter, nice to meet you!   -Mr. Postman- (click me)

1 of the 5 best works Jakarta 32ºC 2012 (click me)