Kembali Ke Masa Depan Riset Indie: Angkot Day | 2014

Kembali Ke Masa Depan is an initiative of Riset Indie to accommodate ideas and solutions to all urban problems in Bandung.

To then be translated into various creative programs in the form of exhibitions, workshops and sharing.

Hopefully being inspired so that we can ‘Back To The Future’ better.


TOLONG GESER EMPAT ENAM  |  Digital printing on paper 40 x 40 cm (click)

The term of “ngetem” is a public transport driver habits that stopped a long time to wait for passengers who expect to be asked for her services to deliver passengers to a destination.

In “ngetem” when passengers get into the vehicle, the driver will tell to “tolong geser empat enam”, it means right seat must be filled with 4 people and left seat must be filled with 6 people.

This formation is almost the same for all region in Indonesia.